Singosari Temple

Singosari Temple

Malang, Indonesia does have a history dating way back. This is reflected in the early buildings in Malang City which are still standings, some which are over hundreds years old. Many of such buildings and historical places are now preserved. Indonesia has long been known as multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-religion society. It is not surprising to find temples, mosques, and churches which date many years ago. There are many temples in Malang, one of them is Singosari temple.


Singosari temple is one of the most historical tours you must not miss. Discovered in the 18th century, this temple used to be called as Tower Temple by the Dutch. It is also known as Kendedes temple, was founded to honor King Kertanagara, the last king of Singosari dynasty who passed away in 1292 AD. Malang citizens often call it "Dome Temple". With such many alternative names, people agree to name it as "Candi Singosari" or Singosari Temple. It is known as Singosari temple as the location of the temple suggests the name.


What makes this temple unique?


The sophisticated temple is made of certain accumulated height andesite stones and rocks subsequently forwarded to carve it from top to bottom. The square shape of the temple is the representation of historical legacy of Shiva – Buddha acculturation. There are phallus and yoni, the statues inside the temple building, welcoming every visitors who come in. Singosari have many carvings, statues, and reliefs. Not far from the temple at the west side, there are two big statues named Dwarapala that were believed as the entrance gate of Singosari dynasty back hundred years ago. This temple also sports the beautiful relief that tells the story about the great of Singosari dynasty. The statues of Shiva – Buddha are the oustanding pieces to be considered. Unfortunately, most of the statues in Singosari temple had been relocated to Royal Tropical Institute, Leiden, the Netherlands.


Singosari temple is located at Jalan Desa Kertanegara, Candirenggo Village, Singosari, Malang. It is about 10 miles to the north from Malang city, and approximately 88 km to the south from Surabaya. To reach there, you can talk to your agent or just getting on the taxi. It won't cost you too much. There are also many Malang Tour Agent that provides quality tour packages of Malang Temple tour. You will be guided to the most sacred and incredible temples like Singosari, Jago, Badut, etc.


This Singosari temple is the living proof of inspiring historical story of Malang citizens. It is the symbol of the existence of Malang regency from years ago. Visiting this place will be one of your best experiences ever.

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Singosari Temple
Singosari Temple
Singosari Temple
Singosari Temple Buddha Statue
Singosari Temple Dwarapala Statue
Singosari Temple Ganesha Statue
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